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Timberline Pillar, By Root, Patchouli
Timberline Pillar, By Root, Patchouli
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Fresh, earthy Timberline Pillars capture the bold spirit of the great outdoors. Hewn to popular sizes, each Timberline candle top is highlighted by an artistic canopy of treelike branches while the candle’s trunk echoes the natural simplicity of smooth bark. Our special safety feature assures that Timberline Pillar candles are self-extinguishing. Individually packaged. The burn time for Timberline Pillars 3" x 3", 3" x 6" and 3" x 9" candles is 17 hours per inch.

Color:  Black
Scent:  True Patchouli in it's most rare form, with dark oriental musk and deep ebony wood and complements of sandalwood and a touch of pure vanilla.


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